It was the first time I went to a brothel. I was getting ready to have a some action but was a little skeptical ast first. My friend had recommended this. He said I would have an experience like none other and was he right. The place was exquisite, with beautiful girls who were elite female escorts in Mumbai. As I entered the location, It was evident that the girls where next level. 

It was quite an expereince. There were so many options to choose from and all where 5 star chicks with the looks that can make your eyes open in bliss. The most difficult things was to make a selection. I chose a North-eastern looking beauty. She took my hand and guided me towards her room. 

As we sat inside the room, she proceeded to fill my glass with wine and we proceeded to have a conversation. I asked her about her profession to which she very boldy answerted, "I have been with many people and many high end hotels with wealthy men. I like what I do, as it takes care of my commmodities. It is very satisfying when your meet people who take you for shopping, buy your gifts in exchange of your time."

That's the time is actually clicked to me that these girls are not your tradional call girls. There was a huge difference as call girls will give you sexual pleasure, while escorts give you a pleasurable expereince. You are essentially paying for their time. They know how to talk and make you comfortable. Mumbai escorts from Mumbai Beauties know how to encourage you and will most likely tell you what you would want to here.

As the night began to get darker, things were getting spicy between us. I was getting kisses and felt her hand move around my body. I was going to get lucky. She smelt like a fresh fragrance of flowers which set the mood for me. As the night went on, I realized that the toime and money spent for a qualtiy time was completely worth it.


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Replied on 2020-08-09

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